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House with flat roof section House with black flat roof section and white guttering two men using torch-on roofing tecniques fitting torch-on felt roof sections a flat roof in grey GRP

If you want flat roofing installed in your home or your commercial property, call Archer Roofing in Bridgend today. We offer a 20 year guarantee, free quotation and emergency repair service on all our roofing work, from pitched roofs to guttering.

Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof System

FIRESTONE EPDM Roof Systems can be fitted to all types of flat roofs from the large commercial roof to residential flat roofs including garages, extensions, porches, and dormers for a fraction of the cost of continuous replacement. Comes In one piece from factory. Installed by Firestone trained crew.

The benefits of rubber roofing

Using specially formulated resin and fibreglass reinforcement G.P.R fibre glass System is applied to new timber decking. Preformed edges are incorporated into the design and the whole roof is finished with an extremely durable polyester gel coat.

GPR Fibreglass Roof System

  • Maintenance free

  • 20 YEAR manufactures guarantee

  • Cut to size in factory - So comes in one piece

  • Easily bends with no stress to follow the contours of the roof

  • Not affected by the extremes of temperature

  • Does not become brittle or degrade with age

  • Tough enough to walk on

  • Environmentally friendly

All our work is guaranteed!


From rubber roofing work to felt roof systems, call us today on:

The benefits of GPR Fibreglass

  • Great strength

  • Lightweight

  • Superb finish

  • Maintenance free

  • Extremely long life

  • No joints or seams

  • Ideal for sealing around complex shapes and roof fittings

  • Provides very high security

High performance built-up SBS torch on felt roofs. A modern take on traditional system. A modified polymer bitumen. Sometimes still the best option in certain situations.

Felt Roof Systems

The benefits

  • Can lay over existing roof

  • 12 year manufactures guarantee

  • Various colours

  • Can be the cheapest option

The different types of flat roofing systems available are: